What if your customers pulled onto your property and encountered a clean parking lot free of debris? The fact is they probably wouldn’t think much of it, because that is what they would expect to see. On the other hand, what if they pulled onto your property and saw a parking lot full of litter, dirt and other debris? They would definitely think about your parking lot then and might turn their car around and head to your competitor’s location. Don’t let that happen.

You have a brand to protect and the last thing you want is for customers to form a bad impression before they enter your building. The parking lot can make or break the perception your customers have on your business.

A Swept Parking Lot Can Do Wonders For Your Business

There is the obvious benefit of keeping your parking lots swept (i.e. a clean property), but there are other advantages you might not have considered. Regularly maintaining this area of your property can:

  • Decrease the contamination of runoff water. Sweeping is viewed as a best practice for storm water runoff.
  • Create a perception of success. A dirty parking lot has the opposite effect. Be sure you are sending the right message to consumers.
  • Protect the investment you made in your pavement. Dirt and trash can deteriorate paving material, shortening its life.
  • Reduce the chance of customers sustaining injuries. Debris can increase the risk of a customer slipping and falling, which is a liability that should be avoided.
  • Avoid attracting rodents and other pests. When a parking lot goes a long time without being swept, it could attract unwanted animals and pests.

Command7 Will Take Care of Your Parking Lot

Even though you might recognize the benefits of a clean parking lot, it doesn’t mean it is a simple area to maintain. Command7 is about giving you peace of mind regarding your facilities and will provide you with all of the services you need—whether it’s parking lot maintenance or another service. We always have your back and through our patented technology, you can quickly and easily order and monitor maintenance services.

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