Get to Know The Tools
That Help Us To Do What We Do

To truly stand out and meet our customers’ needs, we knew we had to be unique. That’s why we developed patented technology to track, manage and schedule maintenance in real-time across multiple platforms. Our facility maintenance software makes all the difference.

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Our Software
Runs in the Cloud

All of Command7’s facility maintenance software runs in the Cloud. As a result, we can access our data anywhere via the Internet. So, whether we are walking your site with you, looking for our nearest service provider, or working in our office, we stay connected to the information you demand.

  • Software stays up to date
  • Works across any device
  • Provides instant access 24/7
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Mobile Solutions

To assist us in managing thousands of vendors, we use mobile technology, including text messaging, GeoCoding, mapping, tracking, and MMS.

  • Improves tracking & communication
  • Enables real-time reporting
  • Provides site- and date-specific work list to onsite maintenance crews
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Command7 processes are centered on your needs. We use technology to make sure we show up when we say we will, do the job we agreed to accomplish, and make sure you know we have done the job correctly. Our building maintenance technology keeps us on track with workflows designed for your satisfaction.

  • Ensures accurate responses
  • Keeps everyone on the same page
  • Avoids unnecessary services
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Patented Systems

As an advocate for our customers, we use our patented weather exception and audit system to ensure accuracy when invoicing for services like snow removal. For example, our system verifies snowfall from several different sources so our customers only pay for verified services, not guesses.

  • Places customer satisfaction first
  • Ensures completion of agreed upon terms
  • Sets Command7 apart from the rest
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